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kamakana31398 asked: Pisces and Aquarius love


Pisces and Aquarius are neutral in the zodiac. A lot of times they are attracted to each other through their ideas, creativity, and even spirituality. Pisces can be attracted to Aquarius confidence, their unique way of thinking, and charisma. Aquarius will like Pisces adaptive and nice personality. Pisces will be easy going and can go along with Aquarius ideas and schemes. Aquarius will be an appreciative and providing partner as long as Pisces believes in them. They are accepting of each other and they can be creative around one another. Problems that can arise are when Aquarius is too distant or preoccupied or when Pisces is too emotional or sentimental. Pisces lives in the heart while Aquarius lives in the mind. These two need to meet each other halfway and really understand one another to make it work.