I didn't do it.

Your awesome Tagline

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Anonymous asked: Can I go steal you? :O

Hah I don’t know got to work and they won’t be so eager XD
One day perhaps anon lol

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Anonymous asked: CAN WE ?! :D If I wasn't so damn shy? \(^_^)/

Hah yeah if I ever get to vacation in Cali! And that’s all good xD

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Anonymous asked: I want to take you on a romantic date. First to the beach, watch the sun set, take you to my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles then take you home and say good night. ☺️

Awh that would be sweet :)

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Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful and it's really stressful cause you're just so beautiful and yeah I don't even know where I'm going with this. :o

Haha thank you made my day for sure though :3